Traditional metal braces are the backbone of orthodontic treatment. They were the first appliance that was widely used and considered effective in straightening teeth. In fact, they are still one of the most common types of orthodontic treatment. Today, metal braces are more advanced than ever before! With improvements and advanced technology, traditional braces can help you reach a more confident, comfortable smile!

Metal braces have many benefits. They are highly effective, even when treating complex cases. Whether you have underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, or other alignment issues, metal braces can help. Because they are so accessible, they are also affordable. Plus, they are customizable with fun brackets, colors, and more. Colors can be chosen that match your team colors, upcoming holidays and more. Teens and adults can enjoy choosing a custom color at each adjustment. Let traditional braces give you the smile you’ve always wanted! If you need orthodontic care, call today to schedule a consultation for braces in New Hyde Park, NY! Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

This style of orthodontic treatment provides the same size and shape as metal braces, but with tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in. They are bonded onto the surface of each individual tooth and are less noticeable than metal braces. This treatment gets the job done just as well as the traditional metal braces, but draws less attention to your smile! These virtually invisible ceramic brackets are a discreet alternative to traditional brackets. They are so clear you and your friends will completely forget that you have them on. Clear braces look more like you are wearing a retainer, so you can feel confident while you work towards a beautiful smile.

By aligning your teeth, you can improve your confidence and also improve your oral health. Straight teeth are easier to floss, brush and care for. With an aligned smile, you can better care for your teeth for years to come! If you are interested in clear braces in New Hyde Park, NY, call our office today to get started!


Amazing results come from treating patients at a young age, usually between 7 to 9 years old. Orthodontic treatment for children is referred to as Phase I for teeth alignment. This phase is recommended if early treatment can guide your child’s smile in the right direction before they reach their teen years. In some cases, young patients can receive treatment that will make their orthodontic treatment less extensive later on. These are patients who have certain malocclusions. Phase 1 is directed at correcting jaw discrepancies such as crossbites, overbites, and underbites. This early, interceptive treatment helps provide more room for the developing adult teeth. It can be a life changing experience for our young patients! This early treatment can make their teen years more enjoyable as less alignment is needed for them to reach a beautifully confident smile. Although it is true… not many young patients need interceptive orthodontic treatment, those that go through this phase have impressive and dramatic results!

Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Some children can skip Phase I and jump into Phase II treatment once they reach their teen years. If you are interested in your child’s teeth alignment and have concerns about their smile, we recommend scheduling a consultation! You may notice some alignment issues or want to get a headstart on their orthodontic treatment. Your visit will provide you with all the information you need and recommendations for your child’s teeth alignment. Our team can examine your child’s smile, answer any questions you may have, and help you understand their treatment options. If treatment is recommended, your child’s orthodontist will go over a personalized plan for their care. Early orthodontic care can save you time and money down the road. If you are interested in children’s orthodontics in New Hyde Park, NY, give our team a call today!


Three reasons why you should choose Invisalign®

Alternatives to fixed braces has become popular treatment options for many of our adult and teen patients. Invisalign is one of the most convenient and comfortable choices when looking for orthodontic treatment! Did we mention that they are clear? These aligners are so clear that most people will not even know you are wearing them. No matter your age, it’s never too late to work towards the smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign can give you the confidence to enjoy sharing your smile! If you are interested in Invisalign in New Hyde Park, NY, we’re here to help!

Virtually anyone is a candidate, the results we achieve are as good as we get with braces. This computer generated unique series of aligners are designed with your customized treatment in mind. Did we mention that they are clear, pretty close to “invisible”!

Ready to see what it will look like? Click the button to try out the Invisalign Smileview!



AcceleDent is a hands-free device designed to encourage faster tooth movement. This form of treatment is very simple to use and does not require an office visit. It is used in conjunction with braces or aligners to rapidly straighten teeth.

This technology generates small vibrations called micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as they are guided by your orthodontists. These micropulses accelerate the remodeling process of the bones in your mouth thus accelerating tooth movement.

Not only does AcceleDent hasten the time of orthodontic treatment but it also help make treatment more comfortable!

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs or commonly known as x-rays are a computer generated image that offers many benefits over traditional film based radiographs. These images allow for instant viewing, enhanced quality, emit less radiation, and are environmentally friendly. Best of all we can digitally share these images with your dentist, allowing for better communication and the ability to coordinate your dental and orthodontic care.


The future is here. Itero Element digital impressions are a breakthrough technology that is quickly becoming the standard of care. Gone are the days of dealing with gooey impressions. This cutting edge technology replaces the need for messy impressions by scanning your teeth.

It’s pretty amazing, as you sit back and relax in our comfortable chairs we are able to capture a three dimensional digital replica of your teeth. We do this by placing a specialized wand into your mouth that captures the needed details. The iTero Element is essentially a high speed camera that takes thousands of pictures a second. This data is then compiled into a precise digital rendering of your teeth. These digital images are more precise and take less time than a conventional dental impression.

A 3D model of your moth appears on our screen within seconds, allowing us to immediately review and explain your orthodontic treatment plan. No more imagining what your future smile will look like, we actually show you!

Teeth Whitening

We have a professional whitening treatment that you’re going to love! This life-enhancing process helps with the stains brought on over time by dark liquids like coffees, teas and sodas. You will instantly notice the difference! Your new ultra-white smile will make your smile look stronger than it ever was before. You will definitely want to show off your new pearly whites to anyone who’s willing to look. If you are interested in professional teeth whitening in New Hyde Park, NY, your search can end here!

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

Compared to over-the-counter products, professional teeth whitening is the obvious choice! Some over-the-counter whitening products can wear away teeth enamel and cause much tooth sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, professional whitening is more gentle on your smile. With professional whitening products, you can whiten your smile in a safe and effective way. Professional teeth whitening also produces fast results. So you can see a beautiful smile in no time at all. Feel good about whitening your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment!

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can give your confidence a boost. Those you love will be amazed at your dramatic results. Feel good about sharing your smile once you’ve removed years of staining from your teeth. Teeth whitening can give you better overall self-esteem and help you make a good first impression. Whether you have an upcoming event or just want to see a brighter smile, teeth whitening can give you the results you are looking for. Professional teeth whitening can also contribute to your oral health. Removing stains can strengthen your smile and increase the health of your teeth and gums. Professional teeth whitening offers reliable results and speedy treatment. You don’t have to hope you’ll see results – you are guaranteed to see a whiter smile! Another benefit of professional teeth whitening is customized treatment. Professional teeth whitening provides the right amount of whitening in the areas that you need it the most! Call today to take the first step towards a brighter smile!