School Bullying: What to look for & how to help

School Bullying: What to look for & how to help

Young boy being laughed at by his peers.

Schools have become a prime target for our children getting bullied.

As a parent, it can be really hard to know what to tell your child to do when they are being bullied at school. The fact is at the end of the day is your kid alone against the bully even if the teachers and administrators will do what they can, but most bullies are sneaky. The biggest difference you can make is in and helping your child during these periods. About a decade ago there are many laws on the books regarding the deliberate cruelty of bullying in our schools. We’ve come to see bullying especially in the large public schools of America’s like the form of inter-social terror it is though we have mountains to climb.

The key point to remember is the issue of rampant bullying has found its way to center stage even with the fact that administrators, teachers, parents, students and school districts are working to implement new laws and policies which prevent bullying. There are many forms of bullying in schools, but the common ones are the physical, verbal, intimidation and alienation. Bullying in schools is not okay are many kids are being bullied because of their looks. The devastation that bullying brings to the bullied is enormous. It causes them stress, anxiety and lowers their confidence and self-esteem.

Now imagine your kid handling these entire all by them. The bullying, more often than not, leaves the victim introverted and unable to cope. Very seldom will a victim come forward. We as a society need to do something about this now.

What To Do

Below are some tips to help a child that you suspect may be or has been bullied.

  • It is vital you get them to talk to you if your child tends to keep things bottled up inside. Children will often feel great levels of shame if they are bullied and admitting to you that they are being bullied.
  • As we all know physical looks are one of the causes of bullying, so make sure that you help kids with their looks.
  • Let them know that it is safe to talk about it.
  • Allow them to have an outlet for their emotions. Just the fact they can come home and express their feelings takes a huge weight of the child’s mind.
  • Keep reminding them that you’re on their side.
  • Happy schoolchildren smiling and cheering.

    Give your kids a reason to smile!

    Honestly, just knowing you have someone on your side can make a huge difference. Let your child know that they are worth your attention,[ your love, and your support. Also, when your kids finally open to you, and you find out the cause of them being bullied is due to their looks, you can see help them. An example is getting braces or any type of orthodontic treatment for them and help fix there smile. Let’s make sure we do our best to make sure that bullying in schools stops today!

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