Benefits of Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits of Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Phase 1

What in the world is a phase 1?  Are there really benefits to phase 1 treatment? In the orthodontic world, phase 1 serves as early interceptive treatment  for children.  This is in attempt to prevent more severe problems from occurring later down the line.

Is there really a benefit to Phase 1 of Orthodontic Treatment?

Although some say there isn’t much of a point to phase 1, there is! If your child is embarrassed of their smile early interceptive treatment is a great way to help this. Instead of waiting until they are older and all baby teeth have fallen out, they can visit us as early as 7 for an evaluation.  This can fix buck teeth or similar issues that can improve your child’s self-esteem.

Clinically Speaking

From a clinical aspect, treatment can also fix things such as

Early interceptive treatment can also help to prevent common jaw growth issues and future tooth impactions. These helps reduce the chance of future jaw surgeries or tooth extractions.


Phase 1 Appliances

There are different orthodontic appliances commonly use in phase 1 such as;

Phase 1

Phase 1

There is no one size fits all for these appliances, so your child will come in to have the appliance custom fit for the particular size of their mouth.

What questions might I have for the Orthodontist?

When you come into our office one question you might have is, what issues will be addressed with phase 1 of orthodontic treatment. You may also want to ask Dr.Sheinis or Dr.Tierney what consequences may result from opting out of this phase of treatment.  In most cases children go on to phase 2 of treatment to continue to perfect the bite!


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