What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign“I see so many commercials for Invisalign, but how does it work?’. Invisalign consists of multiple sets of clear aligners that work to perfectly align your teeth. Although this type of treatment may take a little longer to shift teeth, it is more discreet compared to braces. This makes it a popular choice among adults who want a more discreet form of treatment. Invisalign also promotes better oral hygiene as you are able to remove the trays to care for your teeth the way you would prior to treatment.


How can plastic move my teeth? Your teeth are moved by pressure, this is why thumb sucking is a problem for young children. The pressure of the thumb can move teeth leaving you with an open bite.  Invisalign delivers just enough force to move your teeth into pre-determined positions. However you can not just slap on Invisalign and except it to work. A diagnosis and a treatment plan provided by your doctors is needed.

How It Works

Your journey begins when your doctor submits an extremely accurate impression or scan of your teeth. If an impression is taken a 3D model of your teeth is made, this is called a clin check. If you had a digital scan of your teeth a clin check is automatically created. Your doctor will then create a treatment plan.  Any one can order a set of aligners but your doctor must lay out the template for the desired tooth movement.

Should I Start Invisalign Treatment With My Dentist?

Many general dentists offer Invisalign. Although dentists have an extensive background in caring for teeth and diagnosing issues they differ from an orthodontist. Orthodontists go through extra schooling to truly understand teeth movement and have years of practice with moving teeth using braces. Dentists might have a crash course in ortho however it is no where near as extensive as an orthodontists training.





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