Help! I Have An Emergency!

Help! I Have An Emergency!

Orthodontic Emergencies

If you are on the path to straight teeth, you are bound to run into an emergency. Just like a regular emergency, orthodontic emergencies are when the process takes a slight right and doesn’t go as expected.  The most frequent orthodontic emergencies are braces related.

Ouch, Its hurting me!

Often, the most frequent issues or emergency is, a part of the braces rubbing against the inside of the mouth. A wire, ligature, or maybe even one of the hooks of the bracket could be causing you some irritation. Does this constitute an emergency? No, this is very common. Upon putting the braces on we will give you or your child soft wax. You must make sure whatever is causing the irritation is completely dry and apply the soft wax over the problem starter. Emergency Wax Do you have a wire that is poking you because it is too long? Now that is a problem.

Call our office and schedule an appointment to have the wire clipped.

The Infamous Broken Bracket

If you or your child has had braces you are most likely very familiar with the infamous broken bracket. Nothing becomes more annoying then always having broken brackets. What’s the big deal about breaking a bracket? If your bracket is attached to the wire but not to your tooth it is broken. emergency Broken brackets slow down treatment. The longer you wait to repair a bracket the more you slow down your progression. The more often you break brackets, the longer your treatment will end up being. If you break your bracket that qualifies as an emergency. Schedule an appointment to have the bracket repaired.

Other Common Issues

Other issues patients might come across are broken elastics or power chains. This is an issue that can wait a few days but must be dealt with.  If your wire slips out of the molar tube on your last tooth, you can easily try to pop it back into place with tweezers. If it keeps slipping schedule an appointment.





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