Halloween Candy & How To Protect Your Sweet Tooth

Halloween Candy & How To Protect Your Sweet Tooth

It’s that time of the year people, where your sweet tooth is put to the ultimate test. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to lock yourself up at home and stay away from the fun that comes with Halloween. Rather, we’re going to give you tips on how to enjoy Halloween to the fullest, while keeping your teeth, and orthodontic appliances intact.

Sweet and Tasty Candy Alternatives:

You don’t have to give up traditions to stay or become healthy; we know that’s not sustainable. Rather, creating modified ways of practicing traditions is a more effective route to sustainable health. Below are some healthy sweets and snacks you could indulge in, within reason:

    • Hershey Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
    • Werther’s Original Sugar Free candy (Do not Chew)
    • Nice Starlight Mints Sugar Free (Do not Chew)

    Healthy snacks:

    • Fruit snack (any hard fruit must be consumed in small chunks or avoided)
    • Sugar-free fruit Yogurt
    • Sugar free fruit cakes
    • Organic veggie chips

Before and after consuming food and sweets this festive season, know that generic good oral hygiene habits apply and contribute to a dazzling bright smile. These include:

-Brushing your teeth before and after meals (or 3 times a day)
-Using a mouth rinse once or twice a day
-Scrubbing your tongue from front to back with a tongue cleaner

So there you have it, a healthier way to enjoy the beautiful tradition of Halloween. In the spirit of the festivities, we will be kicking off our Candy Buy-Back program on the 1st of November. You or your children are welcome to sell us your excess candy ($1/pound) or donate candy at our practice. All candy will go to treating our troops abroad, and to children displaced by the hurricanes. Feel free to come by our office for healthy snacks, goody bags and an opportunity to treat those in need of some love and support.

Treat Our Troops Candy Exchange

We are dedicated to your dental and oral wellness, come visit us if you have questions about your oral health, adult braces options, invisible braces any of your orthodontic needs. Consultations are free, and our service is unmatched, we’d really just like to leave the perfect smile on your face.

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