Meet The Team


Office Manager

Laura is happiest when she’s making sure each of our patients have an amazing experience and become one of our many raving fans. Not only is she striving to have our schedule run as efficient as our treatment, seamless and on time, she is also always behind the scenes motivating us all to be at our best. Most importantly, she is there to listen and will always make time to help you in any way she can. Rumor has it, the saying, “Stay calm and carry on” was inspired by Laura. She may be the nicest person we have in the office (and we’re not just saying that because she is our manager). That is unless you make the mistake of drinking her coffee.


Treatment Coordinator

Sean knows everything and anything you need to know, literally. It’s especially true when it comes to introducing our new patients to our practice. His positive attitude and laugh is infectious from the second he greets you. You would never know if he is having a bad day, but if he is, it’s nothing that can’t be straightened out with a little retail therapy. Sean has a nose for all things shiny, expensive, and designer. There is not a bag, a pair of shoes or a nice sweater that he hasn’t seen before. Sean’s eagerness to learn all about straight teeth has even led him to being one of our “favorite” braces patients. If you are interested in braces, Sean is always excited to show you all about them.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Naz has extremely skilled hands as an assistant, but her true passion is her gift of gab. Naz is known to talk people’s ears off if they are willing to listen. Naz is extremely kind and patient, especially for those who need some extra TLC. Just ask one of her 8 children about her patience! Naz prides herself in working with our most challenging patients. She makes it her point to make sure that no patients ever wait too long. Some would even call her the oil to our engine.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Maggie is one of our most senior employees and has earned the role. She is responsible for making sure our pantry is always stocked with the supplies we need. You know you have made it in life when you are considered one of her people. It is also no secret she is the reason why our office is always kept in immaculate shape and you will never find even one single elastic out of place. Her attention to cleanliness and organization can be mistaken for OCD, but we would not have it any other way.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Kyra never imagined she would one day make a career for herself in the dental field. She went through a variety of fields such as insurance sales, auto repair, poetry writing, and even stand-up comedy. After only a few short months in our practice she knew that being an orthodontic assistant was the right job for her. The office always has a buzz about it, and the best explanation for it is Kyra’s hatred for awkward silence. Kyra knows how to make all patients feel calm and comfortable. In her free time, she enjoys auditioning as a stunt driver for movies such as Fast & Furious.


Sterilization & Records Technician

Fatima began her training at BOCES technical school and is a huge asset to our team. Her photos are exceptional, her impressions are impressive, and her rhymes are strong. When she isn’t busy sterilizing and packaging instruments she can be heard singing lines from her favorite musician, Pitbull. Fatima is our secret weapon, especially when it comes to her special skill as a Spanish translator. Because she is not satisfied being fluent in just two languages, Fatima is currently studying 3 other languages including French, Dutch, and German, because she never wants to have a patient that she can’t help understand our universal language of quality orthodontic care.

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