Propel Orthodontics is a micro-invasive procedure which employs the use of a small device to create a series of micro-osteoperforations into the gums. 


Perforations are done where accelerated tooth movement is desired.  It allows the body to release its natural chemicals which stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, aiding the teeth to move swiftly and certainly into an ideal position. This exciting technology “fast tracks” orthodontic treatment and virtually cuts treatment time in half!


The Propel process is completed in just minutes! and patients can immediately go back to their daily routine with no limitations which means means less time with braces or clear aligners.


AcceleDent is a hands-free device designed to encourage faster tooth movement.  This form of treatment is very simple to use and does not require an office visit. 


It is used in conjunction with braces or aligners to rapidly straighten teeth.  The AcceleDent device dispatches vibrations through a mouthpiece which sends micro pulses to the jawbone. 


Remodeling bones surrounding teeth is a part of orthodontic treatment.  These micro pulses accelerate the remodeling process of the bones in your mouth thus accelerating tooth movement.  


Not only does AcceleDent hasten the time of orthodontic treatment but it also helps make treatment more comfortable!