Can I Get Braces From My Dentist?

Can I Get Braces From My Dentist? near Summit, NJ

Can I Get Braces From My Dentist?

Can my general dentist provide me with orthodontic care like braces? The easy answer is “Yes, a general dentist CAN offer a patient this treatment.” If a dentist can align and straighten a patient’s teeth with braces as well as an average orthodontist, then they are qualified to provide orthodontic treatment. Dr. Michael Sheinis and Dr. Susan Gail Tierney of Straight Set Orthodontics in Garden City, NY is a dentist that is certified to provide orthodontic treatment.

Not every general dentist will offer a patient orthodontic treatment. Most general dentists refer their orthodontic cases to an orthodontist. Drs. Sheinis and Tierney say that some dentists do root canals and some work with braces. Others refer all of their patients that require root canals or braces to another specialist.

If a dentist intends to provide orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign in their orthodontic practice, they do need to meet a certain standard of care. Orthodontists receive an extra two-to-three years beyond dental school of specialized training in orthodontics. To be comparable, a general dentist would need more training and a higher level of experience. According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), hundreds of orthodontic procedures are carried out by general dentists each year and that restorative care can be much more complex than just orthodontics.

A common misperception is that orthodontists charge more for orthodontic treatment than dentists, but in reality the cost of orthodontics is based on the complexity of treatment. There can be dangers associated with receiving treatment from a general dentist not certified in orthodontics. Some dentists pay for membership to societies such as the “International Association of Orthodontics,” where members are not really orthodontists and are not defined by their training but by what they can do.

If you’re looking for a certified dentist near Summit, NJ that can give you the healthy, straight smile that you deserve, then consider Dr. Michael Sheinis and Dr. Susan Gail Tierney and the team at Straight Set Orthodontics in Garden City, NY. To schedule a consultation, please contact Straight Set Orthodontics at: 516 248 2560.

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